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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   In-Game Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 4:27 pm

Deathrow In-game Rules

Obviuse Rules

1. Do NOT flame anyone , If someone is making you mad either block or ignore. If there is someone flaming you from the clan. Inform the assistants or master so that we can punish the "Flamer".

2. Do not kick anyone from any room unless they have "done something wrong", Kicking without reasons can lead to flaming and flaming is not tollerated as you can see in rule number 1!

3. Do not make multiple accounts In-Game, or you risk getting a ban for this stupid reason.

4. Do not steal spawn dropped guns.

5. Do not steal anyones bomb, (The one who kills the last man standing in blue team, GETS the bomb) ** THIS RULE IS ONLY ON PUBLIC **

6. No glitching, cheating or bugg-using!

7. Dont spam.

Clanwar Rules

1. Do NOT get greedy on cw, no matter what clan we are playing.

2. Do NOT complain in Teamspeak (you are disturbing your living teammates)

3. Always tell the enemies location at teamspeak when you fall. (how many, what guns, low hp?..etc..etc)

4. Take clanwars seriousely, no stupid risks, DO NOT TRY TO PLAY HERO.

5. Do NOT make any disturbing or unnecesary noises in teamspeak.

6. Do NOT enter the clanwar session in teamspeak if you are not playing clanwar.

7. Never dissobey orders from The-Team-Leader.

8. Bomb goes first. Example:" 7 sec left at the bomb and enemies close around, TAKE the risk of defusing the bomb, You have nothing to lose in cw, Either the team wins or the team lose."

9. Cover the one who is defusing/planting with your life!

10. DO NOT USE buggs, cheats, hacks or what so ever. (Instant kick)

11. No bombstealing in action!! ** The one closest to the bomb, gets the bomb ** (clanwars are not public, NO RISKS)

12. In clanwar, write in F3 (team chat), NEVER in f2 chat, exceptions is if you say "Change Host".

Follow theese rules nice and easy and we wont have any problems with you, If you dont, we WILL punish you, more or less.

** Rules are made to be FOLLOWED **
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In-Game Rules
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