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 Kill The Deathrow [EVENT]

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Kill The Deathrow [EVENT] Empty
PostSubject: Kill The Deathrow [EVENT]   Kill The Deathrow [EVENT] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 5:07 pm

Kill The Deathrow Event



* TFM.
* 60 Points.
* PW protected room.
* Full time.
* 8 Vs 1 ("The Monster" plays alone against all the other participants)


Weapons Allowded: MK23 (standard handgun)

Tactical Gears: No HP+ , No Handgun Boost.

Grenades Allowded: Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade.

Gears Not Allowded: Armor 2-3-4, All kind of helmets.

Knifes: Knifes Not Allowded.

How To Win:

The goal is to kill "The Deathrow" as many times as possible with the MK23 Standard handgun. Every players goal is to kill IT as many times as possible. "The Deathrow" doesnt have any kind of rules, IT can play with whatever IT wants, do whatever IT wants, say whatever IT wants etc..etc..

As you can see the rules are simple. Follow them nice and easy.


1st Place: 30 days weapon (player choose)

2nd Place: 7 days weapon (player choose)

3rd Place: 20.000 BP (200TWC, BP+ Item)

4th Place: 1 day weapon (Random weapon)

5th Place: 1 day weapon (Random weapon)

6th Place: 1 day weapon (Random weapon)

7th Place: 1 day weapon (Random weapon)

8th Plsvr: 1 day weapon (Random weapon)


Up-Coming "Kill The Deathrow" Events:

There will be another KTD Event in a few weeks, Hold on. Wink


1/5-2011 - Sunday -
1st. Bare7a
2nd. Chebz
3rd. 0piuM

1st. Mastersur

P.S Thanks to Morten and BenHiller For the Wonderfull prizes!

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Kill The Deathrow [EVENT]
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